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The Game…

So my friends over at YouTube channel ParadoxThree60 are making a episodic video series called the game.  It actually looks like it could be cool.  They assure me they will have the first episode up in a few weeks, and I’m really looking forward to it.  

Although it does look low budget, they are just teens in school doing this in their spare time.  I vote to support them and check their videos, who knows, maybe they are the future movie directors of the world.  There’s only two previews up so far, but they actually look interesting.  

So I’m going to embed it here as well, check it out!

And I know I don’t have alot of readers AT ALL, but I plan on changing that.  So if you are actually reading this, it means you will be hip if this blog goes big one day. Check my Youtube channel as well, the link is in the sidebar.  Peace out peeps.


Why games shouldn’t be art…

I am a gamer. I am not a critic, I am not a hater, but games shouldn’t be art. Why, you ask? When games are seen as ‘art’, artistic vision interferes in the process off making the game. Suddenly it’s not about what the player wants, but what the developers want.

When that happens, you get this:

Nobody but the developers want that.  My one friend is a proponent of the ending, saying it has emotional impact and delivers the developers vision well.  This is my point.  I’m a gamer, I want to immerse myself in a game, it has to become my vision.  I don’t want somebody else’s vision, I want mine.  Especially not in a game like Mass Effect where throughout the entire series the developer’s try their hardest to make it the player’s vision.  And then someone at Bioware must have taken an art class where they taught him about artistic vision.

On it’s own, the ending isn’t that bad, but tack it onto a game where your choice is everything, it becomes the worst ending possible.  One that was predicted and shunned 2 years before the fact.

It may seem like it, but this isn’t really a rant about ME3’s ending. I couldn’t care less, it’s too long ago.  What I’m saying is that games should include art, but they shouldn’t be art.  Skyrim,  for example, has lots of artistic vision within it, but the game isn’t made of off artistic vision.  Yeah I know that sounds contradicting, but you would probably need to have my mind to get it.  Maybe someone has…

Games as art do have a place, but in the same way art movies have their place.  As a separate genre.  

Then again what do I know.  LOL


Bastion Review

I recently bought the Humble Indie Bundle 5, that’s going to be over today, so if you actually want it, you should hurry. It included Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Superbrothers Sword&Sworcery, Psychonauts, Limbo and, if you paid more than the average, you got Bastion, Super Meat Boy, Braid and Lone Survivor. 

Now, the first one that I finished playing was Bastion.  It’s quite excellent if you ask me.  From the first moments when you hear Rucks speak, all the way to the end (which I’m not spoiling) it’s an amazing experience.

Graphics:  The graphics are quite good and I dig the art style.  It really looks amazing with the world reconstructing itself before your very eyes.  The game is presented from an isometric viewpoint.

Gameplay:  The combat is very nice, challenging you, but never making you feel that the fight is impossible.  The abundance of health potions also assists you in that standpoint.  The RPG elements are basically choosing your weapons and upgrading them, and also the potions you drink for certain buffs.

Story:  This is where Bastion really shines.  The story is wonderfully narrated by the amazing Rucks, and it begins with a regular old post-apocalypse story.  But then it evolves and you can really feel The Kid your playing as growing as a character.  It builds up to a point, and then just as you think you must be nearing the end of the game, it hits you with a plot twist you couldn’t have expected if you tried.  And then it does it again.  And again.  It leads to a final choice that really asks of you to think the situation through.

Short version:  When I started playing this game, it was an automatic YES!  Play it now.  And again. And again.  Play it. 10 out of 10 for Bastion.  

Get out.. now.

As hobby market analyst (and somebody who seriously dislikes BlackBerry phones), I would just like to encourage anybody who likes to not lose money to get the heck out of RIMM, right now!  From what I’ve seen, the stocks just keep dropping like they ran out of Red Bull and thus out of wings.

 Down...down...way down

PS This is just what I think let me by no means influence your decision to support this company.  I don’t know shit about markets.  And I would hate to see a company fail that birthed the smartphone as we know it today.  But they have failed to innovate and are paying the price.  That is all.

CD Projekt Red going punk…

…Cyberpunk, that is. Yeah, the guys that brought us the wonder that is the Witcher 1&2, now going futuristic.  It will be based on the Cyberpunk pen-and-paper game by Mike Pondsmith.  

As player you will build a character, choosing from classes such as mercenaries and hackers.  You load up your character with implants.  The story will be non-linear, and will probably be awesome.  

So, will CPR show us they are a master of all story genres?  I believe they might just make this game amazing.  And oh yeah, I love the cyberpunk image of hacking, so I hope we might do some actual in-game hacking.  Just please not shitty hacking minigames like Mass Effect or Bioshock.  Please no.

For now, here is a image to make you drool over the possibilities.

CPR Cyberpunk RPG

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